• Batuque





  • To consolidate Artistic Research, developing musical Performance and Creation as research in art music, jazz and popular music;
  • To develop projects on performance optimization related to psychological and physiological issues and instrumental teaching strategies;
  • To create new music: instrumental, orchestral, opera, electroacoustic, algorythmic compositions, live and interactive computer music, mixed media and video and interactive sensing;
  • To carry out research on performance studies from the historical, analytical or sociological perspectives; 
  • To investigate inter-modal performance based on music and dance


  • To develop collaborative projects between composers and performers on Artistic Research;
  • To study, create, perform, record and disseminate Portuguese music from all historical periods;
  • To experiment and engage with contemporary issues, such as technology, critical theory, plural creativity, polystylism, and interdisciplinarity; 
  • To develop projects on shaping expressivity, music and technologies, electroacoustic music and music & image;
  • To disseminate artistic research meetings and conferences such as “Performa - International Conference on Performance Studies”, Research ‘Hands On’, and “EAW-Electroacoustic Winds”; together with the launching of the platform IMPAR and of its journal ÍMPAR – online journal on artistic research.