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This Research Group results from the fusion between the former groups of Creation, Theory and Music Technologies and of Performance Studies and Performance as Artistic Research. It aims at consolidating and expanding the field of Artistic research, by creating opportunities to combine artists’ and researchers’ knowledge, with benefits for both. Dealing with artistic creation, the group promotes a special focus on the relationship between reflexive aspects, remix practices and aesthetic appreciation.



  • To consolidate Artistic Research, developing musical Performance and Creation as research in art music, jazz and popular music;

  • To develop projects on performance optimization related to psychological and physiological issues and instrumental teaching strategies;

  • To create new music: instrumental, orchestral, opera, electroacoustic, algorythmic compositions, live and interactive computer music, mixed media and video and interactive sensing;

  • To carry out research on performance studies from the historical, analytical or sociological perspectives; 

  • To investigate inter-modal performance based on music and dance




  • To develop collaborative projects between composers and performers on Artistic Research;

  • To study, create, perform, record and disseminate Portuguese music from all historical periods;

  • To experiment and engage with contemporary issues, such as technology, critical theory, plural creativity, polystylism, and interdisciplinarity; 

  • To develop projects on shaping expressivity, music and technologies, electroacoustic music and music & image;

  • To disseminate artistic research meetings and conferences such as “Performa - International Conference on Performance Studies”, Research ‘Hands On’, and “EAW-Electroacoustic Winds”; together with the launching of the platform IMPAR and of its journal ÍMPAR – online journal on artistic research.

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CIRC_ Cycle of Conference Lectures on Artistic Research

REC_ Conference Recitals

Hands On – Academic meetings on Artistic Research

Scientific Production (2013 - 2018)
 2019-07-24 grupos de investigacao criacao performance e investigacao artistica-en
Ongoing Competitive Projects
Erasmus 2018-1-NO01-KA203-038857 (as participant)
Supporting career development in music performance: an educational model
Post-doctoral project funded by INET-md: BPD/UI72/8071/2018
PTDC/ART-PER/31380/2017 (as participant)



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