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  • Consolidating and expanding research on music and sound from the perspectives of Ethnomusicology, Popular Music Studies and Sound Studies;
  • Carrying out research on musics and sonic environments, focusing on the Lusophone world;
  • Developing audiovisual archiving;
  • Promoting collaborative research with comunities and institutions at the local, national and international levels;
  • Building a reference databank on music in Portugal, the Portuguese diaspora and other Lusophone countries.
  • Music and the construction of local, regional, ethnic and national identities;
  • Transcultural processess in music in colonial and post-colonial Lusophone contexts and their diasporas, focusing on issues of race, gender, class, place and national identity;
  • Cultural politics: the relationship between political power, music discourse and practice; the impact of local, national and transnational policies; heritagization;
  • The invention and representation of tradition;
  • Music, migration and mobility;
  • Globalization and transnational cultural processes;
  • The impact of music technologies on compositional processes, performance, production systems, transmission and reception;
  • The trajectory and resignification of jazz and rock in 20th century Portugal;
  • Music and emotion;
  • The interdisciplinary study of sound, especially in urban environments.