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Heritage(s), Archives and Museums thematic line is an integral part of INET-md’s strategic project, materializing the work developed across several research groups since it was founded in 1995. INET-md has been actively engaged in curating sound and image archives, as well as examining and restoring historic musical instruments, in projects that stem from the individual and team research of its members. These archives include field recordings, musical scores, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, phonographic sources, photographs, and films. Important personal archives have been donated to the institutions housing INET-md branches, featuring phonographic and audiovisual materials along with manuscripts and other documentation of music and dance. Through a coordinated effort to engage with society, these donations have been instrumental in heritage inscription and classification processes in Portugal and UNESCO, in which INET-md has played a pivotal role. They have enabled outreach activities with museums, foundations, and other entities in collaborative partnerships.
Many thematic line members are affiliated with national and international networks related to Heritage, Archives, and Museums. These affiliations include coordinating the ICTMD Study Group on Sources and Archives for Music and Sound Studies; representing the International Association for Sound Archives (IASA) nationally; participating in the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM), de Littérature Musicale (RILM), de la Presse Musicale (RIPM), and d'Iconographie Musicale (RiDIM); and leading the Euterpe Network: Forum of Music and Sound Museums and Collections. This extensive involvement highlights the TL’s pivotal role and encourages interdisciplinary research on the topics it encompasses, as well as actions aimed at influencing public policies on Heritage, Archives, and Museums.
The primary objective of the thematic line is to conduct research on the following topics:
  • Curatorship of archival holdings as well as exhibits on themes encompassing sound, music, and dance.
  • Museum practices associated with archives and cultural heritage.
  • Institutionalization of sound collections.
  • Cartography of music and dance heritage fonds and collections.
  • Defragmentation of music and dance archives, addressing issues related to the organization, accessibility, and interoperability.
To achieve these goals, the thematic line will develop the following actions:
  • Workshops on music and dance archives in collaboration with the National Sound Archive.
  • Creating a Sound Research Lab for Museums in collaboration with the National Museum of Music.
  • Establishing interoperability actions between the databases of INET-md.
  • Internationalizing Portuguese musical heritage through interoperability between RISM, RILM, RIPM, and RIdIM databases, as well as other national and international repositories of musical sources.
  • Organizing a bi-annual meeting on Heritage, Archives and Museums with resulting publications.
Collaborating research groups: