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PhD Student
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
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Lucas is a Colombian euphonist, composer and symphonic conductor; He advanced Euphonium studies at the National University of Colombia and has a master's degree in Symphonic Conducting from the same university. In 2002 and 2003 he was the winner in the series of Young Performers of the Conservatory of Music of the National University of Colombia, performing as a soloist at the Virgilio Barco Library in Bogotá, and the Foyer of the Cristóbal Colón Theater in the same city. In 2004 he joined the Cundinamarca Symphonic Band where he would hold the position of Euphonium Soloist, String Leader and Guest Conductor until 2012. In 2007 he joined the Tumbacatre Orchestra (Folclor Fusion) of Colombian music. With this group she recorded the album Como yo te Gozo in 2010, and participates in presentations and tours nationally and internationally. Participates in the recording of the album On the site of the musical ensembles of the music conservatory of the National University of Colombia. In 2009 he is the Winner of the I International Tuba and Euphonium Musical Interpretation Contest in the city of Bogotá and in this same year, he acts as guest Euphonist in the launch of the record work of the group Systema Solar (Folclor fusion -new urban music ). He was a jury of the XXXIV Departmental Festival of Musical Bands Villeta in that same year. In 2012 he was Bombardinista of the Chupakabras Jazz Quartet, and recorded the album of the XVII Jazz festival in Parque 2012 as Bombardinista of the Big Band Bogotá. Lucas was the organizer and creator of the FIRST NATIONAL EUPHONIUM WORKSHOP 2013 held in Bogotá, being the forerunner of the Euphonium school in Colombia. He was principal director of the Children's and Senior Symphonic Bands of the municipality of Calera-Cundinamarca. He becomes a teacher of the Euphonium and Tuba Chairs, and becomes Principal Director of the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Cundinamarca with which he records the music and the promotional video of La Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá. In 2014 he is a Euphonist musician and guest actor in the play María Barilla by director Leonardo Gómez Jattin (Colombia). In the same year he is guest director of the Bogotá String Orchestra Foundation, with which he performs the musical Christmas Story at the Cafam Fine Arts Theater; Likewise, he is Guest Conductor of the Cundinamarca Regional Symphony Orchestra, with which he performs 9 concerts with the Carmina Burana Work by composer Carl Orff. He is a guest conductor of LA VITROLA JAZZ BAND in 2013 and 2014. He has been a jury member of the Banco de la República Young Performers contests from 2014 to 2016 and 2020. He was appointed jury to choose the musicians who are members of the Symphony Orchestra of Caldas (Manizales, Colombia) in 2016. He was a jury member of the departmental contest of Symphonic Bands in Samaniego, Nariño during the years 2016 and 2017. He was a guest teacher as a Euphonium workshop facilitator at the Industrial University of Santander UIS in 2016. He was a guest musician to record as a Euphonist in the record production Historia of the Men of the Bogotá band Burning Caravan. Participated in the CONDUCTING MASTER CLASSES & WORKSHOPS ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, Peter The Great Music Academy, The 50th International Master Class in Orchestral Conducting, conducting the orchestra and performing the Euphonium with The Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra in March 2016. In 2015 he joined the group PAPAYA REPUBLIK (Folklor fusion of Colombian and Urban music) with whom he recorded a single as Eufonista and performed nationally and internationally. He was one of the organizers and teachers of the INTERNATIONAL EUFONIO FESTIVAL “EUFOLANDIA 2016”, in Bogotá. The teacher was invited by the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) to teach Euphonium and Symphonic Conducting master classes in February 2019, acting as director and soloist of Euphonium with the Symphonic Band of this University; received a resolution and recognition from the mayor of the District Municipality of Santa Cruz de Flores province of Cañete - Lima-Peru Region, for stimulating the work and performance of the people who contribute to the development of this district of Santa Cruz, and for decisively support the work of strengthening, learning and development of children and youth in the district and in Latin America. Since 2013, he is the Master of the Euphonium Chairs, and the ASAB Symphonic Band (Higher Academy of Arts of Bogotá) of the Francisco José de Caldas District University. Since 2014 he has been a Master of the Euphonium chair, and of the Master's degree in interpretation and pedagogy of the Euphonium at the National University of Colombia since 2019. He is the principal conductor of the Brass Band, the Symphonic Band and the Collegium Musicum of the same university. He is a professor of Euphonium, Tuba, Trombone and Musical Theory at the Technical Institute of Musical Training of the Salesian School of León XIII Bogotá since 2014. He is the director of the Euphonium Quartet EUPHORIA COLOMBIA. He is a member of the DUO WIND HOLZ (Violin – Euphonium) with which he develops an intense activity of concerts, compositions and master classes throughout the country. Since 2014 he has been a Supernumerary Euphonist musician of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra and since 2017 he has been the Music Director of the Capital Symphony Orchestra of the city of Bogotá. Currently, he is carrying out symphonic activities and projects as a teacher, orchestra and band director and performer of the Euphonium inside and outside the country, he is a BESSON artist of the Buffet Crampon Paris group and an artist of the prestigious brand of mouthpieces K & G (Kurun & Gilbert), It is a reference of the Euphonium in Colombia for the new generations, not only in the country but in Latin America.

Doctoral Project
Rethink the concert: The public as co-creator in Musical Performance

During my musical career I have developed the necessary techniques and strategies to be able to stage musical works of different levels, and in this way be able to support the interpretation of the works that have been worked on under the precepts learned in the academy and in my career in front of an audience. professional. 

From this perspective we try to decipher the ideas of the composer and try to resemble with sounds what the composer wanted to convey with his creation, our work as interpreters is so focused on musical imitation and instrumental improvement, which leads us to show a supposed perfection. musical before the public; but during these years we did not try to take into account or think about the public as an important part of our performance, we only emphasized imitation more than creativity, and the connection of our artistic work with the world is often far from the reality of that world and our musical environment. 

The concerns that have motivated me to propose this project are precisely those that involve the public as part of the performance, thus motivating the artist to design an artistic work that evidences all the skills and experiences acquired in the course of his musical career; and in turn, think about the audience and how they can be an active part of the artistic work, thus breaking the traditional concert scheme where the audience is limited to listening, perhaps taking the music with their hands or head, feet or any other part of the body, possibly hum and in the closest of cases sing the lyrics of the compositions. In this project I must encourage my creativity through musical knowledge and professional experiences acquired and lived, for the composition of a musical work that reflects our Colombian musical identity and our social reality. 

Taking the language of Soundpainting as a reference, which integrates the different artistic disciplines and where one of the philosophies of this language is that "error does not exist", I am going to create a series of universal gestures that are easy to understand, which will set the tone and the freedom for the public to contribute their own ideas to the musical work at an individual and collective level in real time, thus nurturing the richness of the performance and the experiences lived by the public in a performance where they are no longer just a listener, but also a active actor in the work and performance. 

The novelty of my project is that unlike some artists who involve the public to participate in their performance, as is the case of the musician Boby MacFerryn; who invites him in his performance singing melodies that he gives as a guideline and the public follows; In my project I am going to give the public the power to improvise with their own ideas and feelings guided by a given gesture, created and experienced so that it has a functionality consistent with what is desired and that allows the public to carry out its part based on the understanding of said gesture.