• Caretos
07.05-18.06.2021 | Fridays | 17:00-18:30 | online
In the 21st century, Portuguese wire violas conquer a place on stages, music labers, media and online platforms. Instrumentists of different generations transform these violas into solo instruments, they open their way to new technical approaches and the creation of new songs and boost their teaching. This dynamism contributed to stimulating the sharing of knowledge between violas players and builders, committed to research and experimentation processes that aim to adapt the old Portuguese wire violas to their new life, in a game of equilibriums that seeks to reconcile tradition with contemporaneity. We invited viola players and builders to share their collaborative work experiences and to make their violas sound in seven meetings that will take place on Fridays between 7 May and June 18. This initiative is part of the project EcoMusic - Sustainable practices: a study of the pos-folklorism in Portugal in the 21st century.
Password: 275962