• Piano

Susana Sardo e Jorge Castro Ribeiro, Associação de Municípios de Terras de Santa Maria e as Bibliotecas Municipais do Entre Douro e Vouga (Collectores e Editors)


As result of the project Living Libraries - Old Words New Readings, two collections were promoted: (1) Poetry and Popular Melodies, to identify and classify the historical and cultural references of music production in the region of Entre Douro e Vouga; (2) Traditional Tales, to identify and map stories in the region of Entre Douro e Vouga. These collections represent an essential contribution to the protection, restoration and promotion of oral heritage, preserving the heritage and cultural identity of Entre Douro e Vouga region.




Bibliotecas Vivas – Velhas Palavras Novas LeiturasLabel: | Released: 2006 | Ref:  | 5 CD