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PhD Student
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
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Tel: (+351) 234 370 389 (ext. 23700)


Bulgarian born classical pianist and chamber musician Ivana Govedarska started her piano education at 6 at National School of Music “L.Pipkov” in Bulgaria. She successfully graduated from the National Academy of Music "P. Vladigerov" of Sofia, in the class of the Bulgarian pianist Ivan Drenikov. In 2017 she got her Master degree and in 2018 she finished Postgraduate course with excellent success at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu, in the piano class of Professor Stanislav Pochekin. Throughout all these years, Ivana has improved her piano capacities with great pianists and professors such as Prof. Dmitri Alexeev, Prof. Jean Saulnier, Prof. José Ramón Mendez; Prof. Alexander Braginsky, Prof. Miyoko Lotto, Prof. Akiko Ebi, Prof. Jacques Rouvier, Prof. Mikhail Voskresensky, Prof. Hortense Bresson, Prof. Pavel Gililov, Prof. Elena Ashkenazy, Peter Jablonski, Philippe Cassard, Nuno Marques and many others. Ivana is a prizewinner of numerous international and national piano competitions in France, Spain, Austria, England, Serbia and Bulgaria. She has performed in important festivals and concert halls all over the world. Among them include her participations in “Aurora Music Fest”, Stockholm, Sweden; International Music Festival "MusikFest" in Minnesota, USA; Piano Festival of Saint Savin, France; “Porto Piano Fest”, Porto, Portugal; “Encontro Internacional de Jovens Músico”, Curia, Portugal;  “Festa Literária Folha 19”, Curia, Portugal; the cycle "New Bulgarian Music" organized by the Union of Bulgarian Composers and many others. She has given various piano recitals in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Bulgaria. She has also been a soloist of the Symphonic Academic Orchestra of Sofia (Bulgaria). Her performances have been broadcast across Portugal and Bulgaria. Ivana took part in Hands on Piano, part of “Hands-on Research Symposium 2019” in the University of Aveiro, Portugal. Currently, Ivana is living in Porto, Portugal, traveling and giving solo and chamber music concerts and doing a PhD in Artistic Research in Music at the University of Aveiro, Portugal.


Doctoral Project
Performance and Ethics - On Preserving and Re-inventing Bulgarian Cultural Heritage

Using a wide range of strategies to preserve intangible cultural heritage in our globalised world, the aim of this project is to encourage original and alternative approaches to the traditional concert format. It is proposed to create a performance based on Bulgarian classical piano repertoire, inspired by Bulgarian folk traditions, using multimedia, Bulgarian folk dances and theatrical elements. The specific characteristics of Western musical genres emerging in the compositions of Bulgarian and Western composers will be identified and compared. Bulgarian traditional music will be analysed in order to identify and study the specificities of its folk elements.

The artistic product - multimedia performance - will develop an alternative concert model producing knowledge and promoting the connection with new audiences. The artistic product will be presented in different venues and in different countries. It is hoped to establish a relationship between aesthetic appreciation and the possibility of understanding the traditions of different nations. Essentially, to reaffirm that the coming together of nations does not have to override the need to preserve the cultural heritage of humanity and that it is fundamental that this preservation is also based on interactions that generate empathy and constructions of meaning that are inter-subjective as well as personal and subjective.