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PhD Candidate
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte | Universidade de Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: (+351) 234 370 389 (ext. 23700)


Sílvia Mendonça was born in 1977. As a composer, she was distinguished with two honorable mentions: at the 2nd International Composition Prize Fernando Lopes Graça (2011) with the work “Rewind for Harpsichord” promoted by the Museu da Música Portuguesa, and at the 1st Composition Competition D. Dinis (2011) with the work “Manta de Poemas” for choir, poetry by Antero de Alda, promoted by the Coro da Universidade de Lisboa. She was selected to be part of the Manuel de Falla Composition Chair, directed by the composer Leo Brower, with the musical work Horizonte for vibraphone and electronics (2017). participated in the ENOA Composition Workshop on voice and orchestra coordinated by the Festival d'Aix en Provence and the Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, directed by the italian composer Luca Francesconi, with the work I am the escaped one, poetry by Fernando Pessoa (2012). As a researcher she has been mainly interested in the relational aspect (ethical and social) associated with the sound phenomenon not only for the sharing of knowledge, but also for its theoretical aspect allied and applied to the musical practice, both in performance and in the composition and creation in general. In her work are often questioned the concepts of identity, difference, becoming, multiplicity and time. She regularly participates in collective projects in the areas of fine arts, theater, fashion and dance. Master in Music Composition and Theory (Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espetáculo do Porto (2013). Currently attending a PhD in Music - Composition at Universidade de Aveiro. She was a fellow of the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (2016-2019).

Doctoral Project
7 Cartas para Sofia: Um modelo de multiplicação do eu enquanto processo de criação
Maria Yolanda Espiña Campos (UCP)
In this research I intend to develop a new understanding about the thinking and doing of musical composition.As a composer I propose to investigate on the idea of ​​unison in the light of the phenomenon of heteronimization. The simultaneity of sounds, which occurs in unison, will be thought of as a reality that can be interpreted on the basis of the multiplication of unity, identity, and therefore of the self. The research consists in the observation of the artistic creation process in a conceptual space shared in a dialogic relation with Sofia Gomes, plastic artist and piano tuner. I will present a project of artistic creation that is structured based on the exchange of letters between Sílvia and Sofia, representing the materialization of unison, metaphor of the encounter.