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Debora Baldelli
H@re Krishn@s in movement: interaction, devotion and musical practice online
I will present preliminary results of an online ethnography among the Hare Krishna devotees in Lisbon. I reflect on the multisited fieldwork I carried out within the framework of my PhD research, conducted simultaneously in Lisbon and in the Internet, through which I address how Hare Krishna devotees develop a collective religious identity through their musical experience. This presentation will focus on how the Internet became part of my fieldwork, acting as an important tool of communication and interaction between the researcher and her collaborators. I also argue for the importance of the Internet for devotees, as a means of communication and a place to express devotion and preach their "spiritual practice ". I propose a debate on how musical practices act on the Internet and how the Internet can be used as an analytical tool in Ethnomusicology.

Prelude – Sounds and Concepts

From the Hare Krishna Temple in Lisbon - Link1: hNp://www.iskcon-lisboa.com/#!quem-somos/c1dt6
From Baldelli’s fieldwork published online at Youtube - Link2: hNps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgWIbaB7ZPA

Debora Baldelli is an Ethnomusicologist and social scientist currently working on her Ph.D research at the New University of Lisbon with Prof. Dr. Salwa Castelo Branco as advisor. Her Ph.D research focus on how Hare Krishna devotees in Lisbon develop a collective religious identity in the context of mobility through their musical experience. She has a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), with Prof. Dr. Samuel Araújo as advisor and a bachelor degree in Social Sciences/ Anthropology, from PUC-Rio (Brazil). As an academic researcher, she worked at CPDOC (Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação de História Contemporânea do Brasil) at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV-RJ) and at the La=n American Center on Sexuality and Human Right, part of the Institute of Social Medicine, in Rio de Janeiro State University (CLAM/IMS/UERJ).