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Jaime Reis. European Tour
After the premiere of "Sketch for Omniscience is a Collective - Part IV" in South Korea, by the percussionist Nuno Aroso, last August 14th, the composer Jaime Reis will go on an European tour during September. He will have presentations, workshops and concerts in Ukraine, the Netherlands, Portugal and Czech Republic.
The tour starts in Ukraine, more precisely in Kyiv. The composer will host a workshop between the 5th and 10th of September, as part of Kyiv Contemporary Music Days festival, in partnership with Festival Days of Electroacoustic Music. During this workshop, the selected students, from countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, Greece, Italy and Poland, will have the opportunity to have individual lessons with the composer and to write a new piece to be premiered in the final concert of the workshop.
Between September 12 and 16, the composer will be in ICMC - International Computer Music Conference, that will take place in the University of the Arts Utrecht. ICMC has been the main international forum for the presentation of the various investigations on the use of computers in music. Jaime Reis will have two presentations: a concert where will be played his piece "Jeux de L'Espace" and a conference about new dimensions in sound spatialisation.
On the 16th and 17th of September, the 4th International Forum of Young Composers will take place in Portugal, Vila do Conde, organized by Miso Music. Jaime Reis will participate in this meeting with a conference about his work "Sangue Inverso", which will be interpreted by the Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble.
After this, the composer will be in Prague for "The European Double Bass Congress - BASS2016 PRAGUE," (20th - 25th of September), along with Duo Contracello, who will present a recital filled only with Portuguese and Spanish contemporary composers, and where will be premiered a new version of his work, "Fluxus, Drag".
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