• KovaM
02-03.11.2021 | France | Paris | Philharmonie de Paris
In a world shaken by crises of multiple forms, a new type of musical practice has emerged, which engages the professional musician in actions aimed to have social impacts. The international 6th SIMM-posium is bringing together researchers from different horizons, and will focus on analysing this change in the profession of musicians. Which states of mind, practices, responsibilities and skills are being mobilised to be both an art gateway and an activist for the human cause? The conference is free, but to attend you need to register on the website of the Philharmonie (the registration is also necessary to get the link of connexion). Please note that speakers are registered automatically. The 6th SIMM-posium is organized at and by the Philharmonie de Paris, in a close collaboration with the SIMM-platform and Fondation Royaumont.