• Caretos
Wednesdays from 19th February to 8th April 2020 | 17:30 | Lisbon | FMH
Contemporary art is increasingly straining its networks of disciplinary and artistic relationships, making its knowledge, supports and actions transversal. Affection as a way of exchange with the environment, because to be affected one has to have affection for the thing, is a primary indicator of this relationship. An artist, when touched by the aesthetic experience of another artist, remodels despite his new affections, his artistic plasticity without losing his primary aesthetic. In this sense, we wonder what are the striking transformations of an aesthetic experience of one creator in another creator? How devastating is this experience to the point of opening a gap in the very aesthetic and conceptual construction of an already established artistic trajectory? And when this exchange occurs, when the artist weaves a web of relationship with these other ways of thinking about creation and its affections, do new possibilities come to other and different experiences? This communication will seek to touch some points of contact between two fields of art delimited by the fine arts and contemporary dance and between two Lusophone countries from the poetic-creative dialogue with two contemporary choreographers and two contemporary artists who found in their bodies the necessary support to express their aesthetic plasticities.
CEAP - Centro de Estudos em Artes Performativas