• Dança 6
November 15 to 17th, 2019 | Lisboa Incomum

It's clear that a cultural and social change must happen in order to ensure our planet's sustainability. But how can Art and Cultural Institutions be a key factor in this change?
The 3rd edition of the symposium 'Culture and Sustainability' intends to raise discussion and awareness about such topics, questioning western society's values and habits through art and cultural action. Through both a scientific and artistic approach, a community of scientists, artists, activists and entrepreneurs will promote a debate of concepts of culture and its relations to art, ecology, environment, mobility, soundscape, sustainability, among other topics.
The four main themes of the symposium are:
  • Embedding sustainability and social awareness in [artistic] education
  • The impact of environmental changes on soundscape
  • The role of art in the development of a sustainable future
  • Integrating sustainability into an [artistic] organization
The program of the event will feature conferences, round tables and musical moments.
O programa do evento contará com conferências, mesas redondas e momentos musicais.