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National Collaborations and Partnerships

The Fado Museum and INET-md collaborated in the preparation of the application of Fado to UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The work involved several of INET's researchers who surveyed over a thousand historical 78 rpm recordings of fado in archives (Theatre Museum, Radio Archive, Radio Museum, etc.) as well as several thousand scores of sheet music of fado with piano accompaniment. They also researched Fado practices and elaborated life histories of the main musicians of this genre. The team is currently digitizing historic 78 rpm records from the Fado Museum and the Ministry of Culture’s collection which will be placed online soon. 


The Associação Cultural Museu Cavaquinho and INET-md have engaged in promoting Ethnomusicological research on the Cavaquinho.
INET-md is has been working with the Music Museum in the preparation of expositions and other projects.

The Instituto de Sociologia and the INET-md´s Instituto Politétnico do Porto collaborate regularly in research projects.

The Music Convervatory of Seia and INET-md organize the anual Dias da Música Festival since 2006.
International Collaborations and Partnerships

INET-md is a partner of the Europeana Sounds.


INET-md is the headquarters of the National Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music, collaborating regularly in several ICTM activities including conferences, colloquia and publications.