• citara
  • To study the processes involved in creating a musical performance, from a multidisciplinary perspective;
  • To explore innovative developments in the construction of new artistic knowledge based on interdisciplinary research, which contributes to artistic creation;
  • To explore how to articulate and share efficiently knowledge embodied in a musical performance;
  • To investigate the behavior of listeners within a historical, psychological, physiological, sociological or philosophical framework;
  • To rethink music meaning and music communication as embodied socio-emotional phenomena, from a multidisciplinary perspective, by integrating performers’ reflexive views and approaches to meaning production;
  • To create and develop innovative performance techniques, expressive resources and new musical solutions in recreating works from different music styles and periods;
  • To study the teaching and learning of performance skills mainly through reflexive phenomenological analysis of body movement, body awareness and its development;
  • To foster the development of new approaches to musical performance, creating opportunities for performers and composers to work together, using the Performa Ensemble as a performance lab.




  • Contributing to the development of national music production in performance and composition, combining two complementary but epistemologically distinct research approaches to music performance: Performance Studies and Performance as Artistic Research;
  • Developing research from the perspective of Performance Studies focusing on performance and performance practises;
  • Promoting Performance as Artistic Research, focusing on performance as an essential component of the research process or of its results, and where the evaluation concomitantly depends on the performance’s significance and pertinence within the corresponding artistic domain.