• Dança 6



  • Carrying out research on the musics of the 20th and 21th centuries
  • Creating new music: instrumental, orchestral, opera
, electroacoustic, algorythmic composition
, live and interactive computer music, mixed media and video and interactive sensing;
  • Developing new technological tools for music creation and analysis: creation and improvement of electroacoustic sound materials, software synthesis, sound processing and spatialization; application and analysis of the factors that determine temporal profiles in music, re-sound synthesis through ecological modeling, parametric modeling granulation and voice, sonology systems and re-synthesis
  • Disseminating the compositions by students, faculty, and guests from other countries;
  • Experimenting and engaging with contemporary issues, such as technology, critical theory, plural creativity, polystylism, and interdisciplinarity;
  • Studying contemporary music, particularly by Portuguese composers: creation, analysis and theoretical reflection;
  • Developing a theoretical framework that contributes to the understanding of thought behind the musical work;
  • Promoting innovative music creation, including electronic media, driven by a diverse range of aesthetics and techniques, using the resourses from the Research Centre for Electroacoustic Music (CIME);
  • Supporting and giving visibility to the activities of the Research Group and attracting new audiences for electroacoustic music, using the recently created platform "Electroacoustic Winds".